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Imagine yourself in Colonial, Revolutionary America. You’re a farmer by trade, discovering the vast agricultural endowment of North America. You live in Pennsylvania and you’ve planted acres of wheat, oat, rye and barley. You’ve got healthy livestock providing you labor, meat and dairy. Your wife and kids maintain the vegetable garden, out of which you eat every day, gaining the sustenance needed to do the back breaking labor that is the development of early Colonial agriculture.

Now imagine yourself on a spacecraft leaving Earth and taking you to a new star or planet made suitable for the propagation of the human race. Imagine leaving your home because of nuclear destruction or widespread famine. Imagine opening your freeze-dried ration of Macaroni and Cheese, made from the last genetically enhanced wheat cultivar before it died off from disease, as you watch planet Earth grow smaller and smaller until it just fades away….read more after the JUMP

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