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The Mexican Evolution

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Meet Luis Cruz, a native of Oaxaca, Mexico, or “The Land of Mezcal” as he refers to it. Luis has been living and working in Los Angeles for almost 12 years, splitting his time between bar backing and making drinks at The Abbey, a world famous, high volume gay bar/restaurant, and Harvard & Stone, a destination industrial-style bar with a focus on American craft distillates, loved dearly by L.A.’s hipster elite.

Luis hasn’t returned to Oaxaca since coming to L.A. He made the move with his uncle, shares a home with his wife, and spends a lot of time with the majority of his family, all who live nearby.

In 2009, Luis and his brother Rigo Alberto serendipitously began what you might call their own cocktail catering service. Through friends in their community, the brothers were asked to make drinks for a party of 350 people. One thing led to another, as guests took notice of their skill and hospitality, and in no time, the brothers were being requested for more and more events. “I love my brother,” says Luis. “We always work together.”…read more after the JUMP

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