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I went to Short Order for lunch last week, which opened almost a month ago in an annexed space in The Farmer’s Market at The Grove. Short Order is “a celebration of over thirty years of friendship and culinary collaboration between Amy Pressman and Nancy Silverton”, where the focus is simple, organic, local, handmade and artisanal American fare. Let me begin by saying, Nancy Silverton is the shit, I will always spend money at least once at any of her places. I grew up eating chocolate cherry bread from La Brea Bakery and have to talk myself out of dropping mad loochi on weekly visits to Pizzeria Mozza.

I sat upstairs at the bar, where an additional section of the menu is offered as opposed to  the counter service downstairs, and ordered a Frisee Lardon Raft, Tuna Burger, Bean salad and Spuds (fork crushed fried potatoes) with Truffle Salt. The Raft (Grass Fed Beef, slab bacon bits, fried egg, frisee) was ok, not spectacular. The Tuna Burger, crazy good. Bean salad, yeah I’d order it again. Truffle salt spuds, underwhelming. I wanted more truffle.

Julian Cox is behind the small drink program, which is modest and very well matched with the food as well as the general aesthetic.  I tried only one Cocktail, Fist Full of Dollars, (Craft method brandy, Combier, Amaro Montenegro, fresh lemon, cinnamon bark syrup, angostura, spiced castor sugar), which had me simultaneously elated and enraged, as days before I had named a cocktail of my own the very same name. Short Order’s was delicious. Damn you Cox.

The Bar staff were attentive and very laid back, which put me at ease. Seated across the bar from me, a couple was geeking out with one of the bartenders over American Whiskey, as he walked them through several different bottles. He didn’t really know what he was talking about, but his enthusiasm made up for it. Always nice to see.

I was confused and discouraged by the fact that patrons seated downstairs were not able to order the full menu. Walking to the bar and upstairs seating area, I almost felt like I was climbing the ladder to an exclusive tree house, expecting to see a sign that read “Only Cool Kids Who Wait For 45 Min Allowed”.

I’d have to try more of the Menu to get a better sense of where Short Order lands on the Los Angeles Burger Scale. Also, I missed the Custard Shake, which I hear is bomb.

All in all, it’s nice to see a quality Burger spot open in The Farmer’s Market, as many times when making a stop at Victoria Secret for underwear because I didn’t have time to do laundry, and instead of going through the hell on earth that is finding a spot in the 3rd st and Fairfax Whole Foods parking lot, I wander through the Farmer’s Market maze growing more and more indifferent and grouchy with hunger, until I just give up.

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