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There is an undeniable allure attached to objects from the past. Antiques and collectibles take us back in time, whether a younger us was there to experience them at their conception, or our imaginations are called upon to fill in what we do not know and write the story over again. Like the transportive power of a good book or movie depicting a world that no longer exists, for many, a bottle of booze may hold a similar power.

The spirits world is seeing a turn in what is considered valuable. The connoisseur of fine spirits has risen out of the consumer who has been told that fine Cognacs and Armagnacs as well as limited edition, vintage, single barrels, cask strength and rare blends of Whiskies (all of which are either very expensive to make or made only in very small amounts) are the most valuable spirits to own and consume. We are now seeing an emergence of a new breed of cocktail connoisseurs who appreciate each individual spirit that coincides in the glass for its own inherent value…more after the JUMP

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