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        Shenzhen Landray Software Co., Ltd.

        Established in 2001, a professional digital OA & service provider and 1st
        strategic partner in the field of knowledge management and
        collaboration of Alibaba Cloud. Providing integrated solutions of smart
        offices, mobile portals, knowledge management, digital operations,
        financial sharing, and proprietary clouds for large and medium-sized
        enterprises and growing organizations. It has helped 50,000 well-known
        enterprises such as Huawei and Vanke to realize work reform of
        intelligent management and efficient OA



        Empowering Digital Transformation


        years of study

        In-depth research on high-end OA and knowledge management


        service agencies

        Provide professional nationwide services


        R&D experts

        Build powerful & smart office products


        scenarios APPs

        Covering the needs of 50 industries



        Covering numerous Fortune 500 and SMEs

        Our Honor

        National High-Tech Enterprise

        Shenzhen High-Tech Industry Association

        China's top ten software companies

        China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute

        Big Data Innovation Product Award

        China Digital Transformation and Innovation Case Conference

        China Good Employer

        Beijing Taihe Ruixin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

        Best Service Provider for Knowledge Management

        China Software Industry Association

        Our Qualifications

        DingTalk Customized Service Provider Authorized Certification

        Information System Integration and Service Qualification Certification

        Business Continuity Certification

        Credit institution Code Certification

        Quality Management System Certification

        MIIT Talent Training Certification

        Authentication of Information Security Management System

        China Software Enterprise Certificate

        Certificate III in Competency Maturity

        Hunan Kylinsec Compatible Authentication

        Dameng Database Compatible Authentication

        KingBase Database Compatible Authentication

        ShenTong Database Compatible Authentication

        InforSuite AS V9.0、V10.0 Product Compatibility Certification

        TongWeb middleware V6.1 Product Compatibility Certification

        Kingdee Apusic AS software V9.0 Product Compatibility Certification

        Our Culture

        Company Vision

        Become a leader in smart office platforms

        Company Mission

        Make work smarter

        Communication Culture

        Right and Value

        Company Value

        Smart Organization by Landray

        Support Hotline

        +86 4000-180-300

        Consult business, obtain solutions, apply for product
        free trial, any inquires please call us

        Free call

        Leave your phone No. and we will contact you immediately and provide professional & comprehensive business and product service

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